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All Good Things….

August 27th, 2012 , by

This will be the last year for the Draftday Fantasy League, formerly the Cardrunners League. At least as a publicly viewable experts' league and blog.

The league itself has been fantastic and hugely enjoyable, and I think it acheived many of the goals Bill and I had when we set out to create it three years ago. The level of play has been extremely high, and I'm thrilled to have met and competed against some of the best in the fantasy baseball community.  I hope to continue playing privately against many of these people, but as anyone in the community knows, the effort required in consistently creating interesting post content is high and that pales beside the effort required to grow an audience. With no one really devoted to either of those activities, it makes little sense to continue to ask Draftday to sponsor our league.

I look forward to experimenting with some new intresting formats and ideas for ways to possibly improve the game of fantasy baseball. If anyone is interested in participating in such a league, please drop me a line at 

As we approach the last month of our final season, it is with a very exciting finish. My Gimps currently lead the pack, but have only a few points lead over Clark Olson, Razzball, and Derek Carty. Bill is also in striking distance of a win. Particularly interesting is that Clark has been fielding a punt starting pitching team, and trying to come in just over the 1000 Innings minimum threshold with dominant finishes elsehwere, including in WHIP and ERA. Unfortunately for him, one of his last remaining starting pitchers was buffalo bills tickets Bartolo Colon. Very curious to see if he can still get to 1000 Innings, and if he fails whether his moving to last in ERA and WHIP as a penalty (which gives every time but Razzball two points) winds up making the difference. 

I'd like to thank both Cardrunners and Draftday for hosting our league, without their generosity we would never have been able to get this group together in the first place.

I'd like to thank all the competitors who played over the three years, a number of these campaigns were amongst my most enjoyable fantasy competitions ever. 


Trade Alert!

May 18th, 2012 , by

Chris trades Adam Lind (recently sent to AAA) to Clark for Travis Hafner and 20 claim dollars

Monster Trade Alert!

May 14th, 2012 , by

Gimps trade Josh Hamilton Kevin Youkilis and 56 FAAB to Chris Hill for Ian Kinsler, Andy Petite, and Ricky Romero.


I don't think I'm happy. What's fair value for Hamilton right now?

Trade Alert!

May 8th, 2012 , by

Bill sends Doubront and Kuroda to Trevor for Dustin Ackley

Trade Alert!

May 7th, 2012 , by

In a monster trade, the GImps send Jered Weaver and Daric Barton to Bill Phipps for Mark Teixera and Andrew Bailey. 

In a smaller deal, Gimps send Kyle Drabek and the remains of Brian Roberts to Derek for Alexi Casilla


Trade Alert!

April 30th, 2012 , by

In what will either be a disaster or a prescient buy low, Gimps trade Ricky Romero and Grant Balfour to Chris Hill aka Perfect Fish for Max Scherzer and Jose Valverde.

Deep League Bench Strategy

April 28th, 2012 , by

One of the key differences in drafting and maintaining a fantasy baseball roster in deep leagues (NL/AL-only, 10+ teams) vs. shallower mixed leagues is the huge dropoff in playing time for ‘replacement level’ players.  While the shallow league replacement pool will often be stocked with less desirable major league starting players, deep leagues offer slim pickings varying from hitters who play in less than half their teams’ games, middle relievers with little chance at saves, or minor leaguers not hyped enough to get drafted. 

This huge gap in replacement level has several ramifications ranging from increased dependence on the draft and trades for team success to increased difficulty in overcoming injuries.  On the flip side, this gap between starter and replacement level also provides a bigger upside should an owner land players who can contribute at starter-level.

So what is the ideal strategy for stocking a bench?  Here is some of my thinking:

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Hard trade decision

April 10th, 2012 , by

One of the things I love about FBB is the social element to the game. Over the years I have formed many good friendships and met some pretty interesting people playing this game. And one of the great things about the DD league this year is that I have been introduced to Chris Hill. I freaking love this dude ( and not just because he gave me a free Parmalee for third in line to be closer, Aaron Crow).  So far I have found Chris to be friendly, good natured,  opinionated and willing to back those opinions up with sidebets and  trades.  The season is just 1 week old, but by my count we have made 2 trades, 3 sidebets and I have received 14 other trade offers from Chris. One of those sidebets actually involved him getting long the A’s to win the World Series. How can I not love him?  

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It’s All About Me

April 2nd, 2012 , by

First off, let's face it: I have absolutely no business playing in this league or commenting on the draft. I just happen to be one of those degenerate gamblers who keeps moving up in competition until they can't win, then I stubbornly play until I am busted or moving up to the next level. So here I am with experts, rocket scientists, and card players far better than moi. My sole entry qualification: semiahmoo apiariesI know how to play Q3 when the flop comes A 3 3. (Which is code for: "I have the entry fee and Eric knows I am a giant fish". Hey, in a league this good one sure loser is a good thing to have. That would be me.)
That said, I certainly improved from last year. I didn't blow the bank on Morneau, Lackey, Hughes, Feliz and Papelbon. I actually found out the values experts were paying in the AL auctions for LABR and Tout Wars (this is publicly available, who had a clue?). I read everything Derek Carty wrote on Baseball Prospectus in hopes he would appear, and even if he didn't, I was sure BP's PFM values and Derek's insights would prove to be tremendously valuable. I was correct in that.

In short, I educated myself to at least reasonable beginner's status. Just where you want to be against 9 of the best players in the country.

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My Thoughts on the Auction

April 1st, 2012 , by

We had our 10 team AL only auction on March 27th.  In many auctions I find lots of opportunities through either gross player misvaluation or poor money management. I also find people are generally too quick to write players off, and conversely too eager to pay up for the newest hyped possible stud to be. With this group however, I definitely see fewer plays I find fishy, and while I think there is still some propensity for the hyped guy here, the expert crowd seems far more reluctant to write players off as finished. 

I'm going to go team by team again, noting what I thought was good and what I thought was weak. This is not meant to make anyone look bad, but I think a critical analysis is valuable, and can only make us better fantasy managers. 

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